How to order a new cash app card online for the first time?

The Cash App has brought forward its own debit card which is the Cash App Cash Card. This physical card has helped many users in tracking their cash funds, performing speedy transactions, swiping at stores to pay against the products bought, and so on. Let us read what physical card has done to the users of the Cash App and how they are using this feature to gain the most from it.

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How to order Cash app card online?

The Cash App cash card can be ordered easily from your Cash App account. Just follow the simple steps below and it will guide you in buying the cash card with ease.

  • Sign in to your Cash App account with your login credentials
  • Select the Cash Card tab from the bottom of the home screen
  • Click on “Get Free Cash Card” displayed under the card image
  • Choose how your card will look
  • Customize your card with all options available on the portal
  • Tap Next
  • Enter the address where you want your cash card to be delivered
  • Add primary details correctly like first name, last name, contact info, etc.
  • Go through the charges for the order delivery
  • Set a PIN for your card and confirm it for the delivery

In this way, you will get your cash card delivered to your place within 7-10 days. Once you have confirmed the order your virtual card will get activated immediately. You can also a virtual card to pay for your things and use for money transfers. To know more about the Cash App’s virtual card, refer to the other articles on our website.

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How to order a cash app card without SSN?

SSN is known as the Social Security Number. SSN is used for security purposes on the Cash App and therefore prevents many illegal activities to occur on the Cash App. It is required at the time of creating your account. It confirms your identity and therefore protects your personal details and prevents it from getting misused. But the question is, can you order a cash app card without SSN? The answer is no!

You can not order a cash card without SSN. SSN is an integral component of the security defined by the Cash App developers. And thus anyone not providing the Social Security Number at the time of order is assumed to be an illegal user of the Cash App. Hence, cash cards can only be ordered by verified users on the Cash App.

How to order a second cash app card?

At moment, Cash App has limited to only one cash card per user. This is for their security reasons that no user can have more than one cash card, if found, the user will be declared unverified on the Cash App and his/her card(s) will be deactivated.

However, you can order a second cash card if your previous card was lost or stolen. The steps to order the second cash app card are given below.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on the Cash Card tab
  • Select your cash card icon
  • Find your problems related to the card
  • Select Stolen or Lost
  • Follow the prompts and provide the necessary details asked from the Cash App team
  • Input the PIN of your cash card for the verification
  • Report the card

In this manner, your request for the new card will be registered and the old card will be blocked. You will soon get the new one within the span of 7-10 days.

How to order a cash app card for a friend?

If your kids or your family member is using your account, and asking for a debit card, you can order the Cash App card for them. Only thing is that they should know the PIN for your cash card and they are free to use it wherever they want to. The card will contain all the details same as the ones entered on your Cash App account. Hence if any problem arises with the card will be reported to your account. Therefore be sure for whom you are ordering the card.

How to get a cash app card for free?

There are absolutely no fees in ordering a cash card for yourself. You need to follow the steps mentioned above and you will get your card delivered to your doors for free. There are no renewal charges for the card, no charges for money transfer from your Cash App account, no taxes for card-to-card transfer, and nothing for bill payment too. Hence, keeping and using a cash card is very economical.


Can you order a cash app card for someone else?

Yes, you can order a cash app card for someone else. But the card you are ordering will contain your details and credentials, and therefore any problem that appears related to the card will be reported to your account only.

Why can’t I order a cash app card Solution?

There can be many reasons that may interrupt your process of ordering the cash card. Entering the wrong SSN or entering wrong details like name, date of birth, etc can turn out to be some prime reasons for this problem. To avoid them, be very aware of the details you are entering. Cross-check everything twice before confirming the order.

How old do you have to be to order a cash app card?

You must be at least 18 years old to order the card. The Cash App does not deliver cash cards to unverified users. Thus, provide your SSN and bring brand new cash card home.

What happens when you order a cash app card?

The moment you confirm the order for your cash card, the virtual cash card gets activated immediately. This virtual card is very helpful as you can avoid carrying a physical card and you can pay easily at stores with the help of the virtual card on your phone.

Is it safe to order a cash app card?

It is very safe to order the cash app cash card. Cash App is a very secure and safe platform. Hence, do not think much, just order the card for free and enjoy its premium benefits and offers.

Is it free to order a cash app card?

Yes, it is free to order the Cash App cash card. There are no taxes charged during the purchase of the card. You just have to follow the steps to order the card very well and you will get your card delivered to your doors safely and freely.

How much is it to order a new cash app card?

There is no cost in ordering the new cash card. Just order the card and use its premium benefits to the fullest.


This article might have helped you to understand the cash card better. It includes everything that one must know before ordering the card. It has also guided the users on how to order the Cash App cash card. We hope that your answers might have got cleared now. Order the card today and do let us know how was your experience after using it.

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