How to dispute money on Cash App? (Complete Guide)

First of all, we will talk about what is dispute money on cash app and when we need it. Cash app is a very popular peer-to-peer money transfer app that is used by so many people to send or receive money and to pay bills. But there are situations when you see some suspicious activities in your account or things are not as per the cash app policy. 

How to dispute money on cash app

Like somebody hacked your cash app account or accessed your account details and tried to do some illegal transactions using your cash app account, or you sent money to some wrong person accidentally, now you want your money back but the person is not willing to give your money back. In all these situations, you need to file a dispute on cash app.

Steps to be followed to file a dispute on cash app

  • First of all log in through your cash app account
  • Then from the activity tab select the transaction that you want to dispute
  • Now select need help and cash app support
  • And then select dispute this transaction

This is the way, you can file a dispute on cash app for any transaction that is suspicious or not as per the cash app policy.

What happens after I dispute a charge?

Once you see some irregularities in your transaction and file a dispute for that particular transaction on cash app, the cash app support team will look into the matter and try to find out the loophole or anything suspicious in that particular transaction. If your claim is found correct, you will get your money back.

How do I  check the status of a dispute?

Once you file a dispute on cash app, you need not check the status of the dispute. As the cash app team will keep you updated with the status of your dispute.

How do I cancel a dispute on cash app?

If you have filed a dispute on cash app regarding any failed payment or pending payment but later on you found out that the transaction is successful or the problem is resolved. And now you want to cancel the dispute. Yes, you can do it. No worries! You just have to contact cash app support team by mail or phone, and request them to cancel the dispute.

Can I dispute a recurring subscription?

Sometimes it happens that you have not reactivated your subscription but it gets activated automatically and you are charged activation fees without your consent. Well, in this situation, you can dispute a recurring subscription. The only condition is that you have to prove that your subscription has ended and you have not asked for reactivation.

Transactions that can be disputed

Here, we will discuss the transactions or situations for which you can file a dispute.

Got scammed on cash app

Looking at the popularity of cash app, there are many scammers on cash app who stay active 24 hours and keep trying to cheat people in the name of free money and more such schemes. If you have fallen victim to any such scam and money has been deducted from your account, in this situation, you need to contact cash app support and file a dispute.

Transaction canceled but money deducted

There are situations when your cash app payment is pending and you decide to cancel the transaction but what you see is the money is deducted from your account even after you canceled the transaction. In this situation, you can request a refund and if you do not get the refund within a specified period of time, you can file a dispute on cash app.

Sent money to a wrong person

If you have entered incorrect account information and sent money to the wrong person, you can ask that person to return your money. But if he refuses to return your money back, you need to file a dispute on cash app and address your issue.

Refund not received

There are situations when money is deducted from your account without any transaction. Suppose you canceled the transaction due to a network problem but the money is deducted from your account. In these situations, generally, money is credited to your account automatically or you can request a refund. But if you do not get your money even after requesting a refund, you can file a dispute on cash app.

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