How to delete Cash App Account permanently (Deactivate Account)?

Deactivate Cash App Account:- There is a lot of buzz around cash applications and the discussion about using them has been made a lot But there may be a situation when you do not want to use it at more or want to take a break. So here is the article that will help you to get rid of it. The steps are really easy and there is no hassle in the method. So let us see how to do so.

How to delete Cash App account permanently?

delete Cash App Account

For deleting your cash app permanently does follow these steps one by one and delete your cash app account.

  • Go to the cash application
  • Go to the menu icon
  • Then go to the full menu option
  • Click on the “Support”
  • The support is indicated by “?”
  • Then click on the option showing “ Something Else”
  • Then go to “Account Settings”
  • Here you will see the option “Close my cash app account”
  • To confirm the process click on “Confirm Closing My Cash App Account”

That your account will be deleted. You will surely get a confirmation mail on all the contact detail that you had earlier provided. Here a mail or text will come stating that the request of cash application delete has been possessed.

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Before deleting the application remembers to receive the mail and that’s the end. This is the process of how you can also deactivate the account. For this the above steps can be followed and when you again want to use it one can install I follow the registration process and can use it. 

Thus these are the two methods of how one can deactivate as well as delete the account of your cash app. There is no such deactivating method thus this can be followed.

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