Cash app vs Venmo app review Checkout which one is better ?

Do you want to send money? Do you want to receive money? Or do you want to buy and sell shares? 

With the advancements in technology, one has to regularly update himself on the newbies in the market. With so many lucrative offers and many options, people are often confused and end up picking up the wrong one.

Cash app vs Venmo app

Here​ we are to discuss in detail about the two money transfer apps,namely the Cash app and the Venmo app which seem to be interchangeable but are not completely, they do share a couple of differences which we are going to describe here

Cash App Review

  • This app is able to send as well as receive money from any bank account.
  • Cash app can also buy and sell stocks.
  • This also enables a person to send money privately to any phone number or email.
  • This app also has the facility to accept deposit payments and also spend money using the credit card.
  • You can also buy and sell bitcoins using this.
  • This app is compatible with iOS, Android and can also be used by opening in the browser.
  • This app is interlinked with many online payment apps such as Google pay and Apple pay besides bank’s credit card, debit card.
  • The receiving of payment is also very easy, you can receive payment directly in your bank account, Debit card, ATM etc.
  • This app supports the customers through calls and emails.
  • This app supports international transfers.
  • The maximum amount per transfer is lesser than the Venmo app to both verified and unverified accounts.
  • It doesn’t charge any penny to send money but charges 1.5% for instant withdrawal.

Venmo app

  • This app has a more social approach, you can easily send and receive money from friends, business colleagues and many more.
  • This app is compatible with both iOS as well as Android.
  • You can pay through your bank account, credit card as well as debit card.
  • The money can be received through various options such as bank account, Debit card, wallet etc.
  • The customer support is made possible through emails and live chats.
  • The maximum amount per transfer is higher than the cash app.
  • This app doesn’t feature overseas transfers.
  • Venmo app doesn’t charge anything for sending money but for fast withdrawal, it charges 1%.
  • This app doesn’t allow buying and selling of stocks or bitcoins.

Both the apps, the cash app as well as Venmo apps are the best for transferring​ money. However, the cash app has a more holistic approach towards the money deal but even though, the Venmo app is equally good.

The cash app charges more money for withdrawal whereas the Venmo app charges less. Also the maximum amount per transfer is higher in the Venmo app than the cash app to both verified and unverified accounts.

So, it totally depends upon you and your requirement to choose the app. 

If you want an overseas transfer, go for the cash app , if you want to transfer to friends with Emojis, go for the Venmo app.

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